Our new gastronomy section is dedicated to gastronomy and food from across the Mediterranean. Meike Peters from popular Berlin-based website Eat In My Kitchen discovers the beauty of Mediterranean food in a series of gastronomical delights and an exclusive collaboration with Platinum Love.

Bigilla is one of the most popular and puristic specialities of the Maltese Islands, it’s simple and absolutely delicous. This country dish is made of fava beans, garlic, olive oil, dried chili pepper and herbs. I like to mix in fresh oregano, other recipes feature mint, basil or marjoram. It’s a thick dip, often served with fresh bread as an appetizer in restaurants. In the past and occasionally even today, street venders sell this dish in the streets of Valletta and other old villages but it’s also very easy to make at home, preferably in big batches!

I first ate Bigilla years ago in a pretty little restaurant in one of the narrow streets of Mdina, Malta’s magical old capital. The medieval town’s architecture was originally influenced by the Arabic period, from 870 to 1091. After many buildings were destroyed in an earthquake in 1693, they were rebuilt with Baroque elements in their majestic facades. Its history goes back even further, to 4000 BC. Mdina is located on a hilltop in the middle of Malta and it always had strategic importance for the island. Today, less than 300 people live in the old houses and palazzi and no cars are allowed, just the inhabitants have permission to drive through the tiny roads. It’s one of the most peaceful and quiet towns I know which explains its nickname, the Silent City.

Discover the recipe on Eat In My Kitchen. Meike Peters is the Berlin based founder of the daily food blog ‘eat in my kitchen’. She is a writer, photographer, home cook and baker inspired by the traditional German cooking she grew up with and the Mediterranean cuisine from the Islands of Malta where she spends the summers.